Crowdfunding your App

About App Crowdfunding

You can fund your App’s development costs with Our Crowdfunding feature.

Once your Film and its Crowdfunding Page has been approved, we create a FilmsOnPhone Crowdfunding Account for you.

Backers can pay money into your FilmsOnPhone account using any credit card, debit card or mobile payments.

You can see how much money you have received on your Film Dashboard.

Crowdfunding Dashboard

When you have enough money we work with you to design your App.

We then make your App and send you a video of it working before we upload it to the App Stores.


We ask for some details about you, where you live and some questions about your film.

We keep this information private and use it to open you a FilmsOnPhone Account for your Crowdfunding page.

We will also ask you for some images and text to complete your Crowdfunding page. 

We do not charge you for your Crowdfunding Page.

When a Backer contributes to your Crowdfund Page FilmsOnPhone charge a 5% handling fee to cover our costs and there will also be a small transaction fee from the banks for processing the transaction.

Just look at some of the other Crowdfunding pages to get an idea of what you will need.