How to Back Films

About FilmsOnPhone

FilmsOnPhone has been designed to specifically provide Filmmakers with a bespoke Film App that gives them a new audience of 5 billion phone users and many new features that other distribution channels cannot provide.

We hope with your backing, more films can be distributed and a new connection between Filmmakers and Audience can be established.

The Problem

There are many sites that help Filmmakers attract the investment needed to shoot, edit and finish a film. The problem for many Filmmakers is securing distribution for their film. 

A Filmmaker can distribute their film on services such as Amazon Prime but it is difficult to find your film on Amazon unless you pay to advertise and this can be very expensive. As a result Amazon is great for films that have large budgets but it fails to create the smaller communities that are required to make the independent film industry work. 

Just to be clear, we are not just talking about low budget films; large independent films with $5-10 million budgets have failed to “work financially” on streaming services. Streaming services often do not pay enough money back to the FilmMaker.

The Solution

Our Film App provides Filmmakers with new opportunities to interact with their audience and by using in-app-notifications they can talk directly to their audience.

Our App enables Filmmakers to sell direct to their audience using in-app-purchases and they will receive up-to 75% of the revenue. 

Crowdfunding Films

To help some Filmmakers who cannot afford the cost of having an App made, FilmsOnPhone created a Crowdfunding feature to enable Backers to finance the App costs.

Filmmakers can choose to have a Google Android App, an Apple iOS App or both.

When you “Back” a film we charge a 5% fee to administer the Crowdfunding. The remaining 95% goes into a Holding Account for that Film. It stays in this Holding Account until there is enough to pay to have the App made. 

At this point the Film’s Crowdfunding will close and “Crowdfunding Complete” will be displayed. FilmsOnPhone then work with the Filmmaker to finalise the App design and the iOS App and Android App are made. The Apps are published in the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore.

Try one of our Film Apps now.

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Backing a Film

Backing a Film App is easy, just enter the amount you want to spend. You do not need to Register to back a film.

Select the “Back Campaign” button.

We do not hold any of your banking details. 

Your bank payment is done using Stripe, one of the world’s largest card clearance companies.

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, JCP, Discovery and many others.

All money paid by Backers is held in a secure, off-line bank account.

When the Crowdfunding is complete and the target has been reached, the Apps will be made and released.

Please note that a small fee may also be charged by Your Bank when you back a Film App.