Our Streaming App and CDN

For Distributors and Catalogue Owners

Our Streaming App is specifically for Distributors and Catalogue owners and enables them to digitise their catalogues and sell them OTT direct to consumers using Apple and Google Subscription Services. Our Streaming App is available on Apple iOS and Google Android and can also be viewed on many other devices including Laptops and TVs.

The audience can use our Instant Search feature that searches the catalogue in real time as you type.  Distributors and Catalogue owners can organise their Films into their own Unique Genres.

The Film Page includes a trailer, a film synopsis, photos and credits. Customers can use Apple and Google Subscription Services to watch films.

When you purchase our Streaming App we develop both an iOS and an Android App for your catalogue. All our Apps use Native Code which means they are written with the official iOS and Android software development libraries and tools. They also follow the Apple and Google Design and User Experience Guidelines.

Take a look at the features we build into all our Streaming Apps.

App Features

Key Features

  • In-App-Subscriptions
  • In-App-Notifications
  • In-App-Purchases
  • Instant search
  • Film synopsis
  • Director, Writer and Actor credits
  • Photos
  • Chat and Forums (if required)
  • Film Ranking System (if required)


  • The Share Icon can be used to share a link to your App in the App store
  • The App includes an About link
  • A link to your Website is also provided

Subscription Services

Our Streaming Apps use Apple and Google Subscription Services to provide a seamless Subscription Experience.

Our Subscription service means you can offer film catalogues to your customers and allow your customers to subscribe each month to view them.

You can choose one or all subscription offers such as

  • Try free for one month
  • Monthly subscription
  • 6 month subscription
  • Annual subscription 

Your subscribers will automatically receive messages from Apple and Google to renew their subscriptions before they expire.  

How big is a Streaming App


The average size of a Streaming App is 55Mb, so they are much smaller than most Apps.  

The Streaming App can hold libraries of over 1,000,000 films and uses the latest server techniques to ensure that Searching is immediate and playback is uninterrupted.

Statistics show that once a member of the public has carried out even a small in-app-purchase, they are very unlikely to delete an App. Streaming Apps are therefore very sticky.

Social Networking

Our Apps include a chat client that enables the Audience of your film to ask the Distributor or Filmmaker questions from within the App (released Q4 2021).

This direct communication is a first for the film industry. Think of the amount of times you have thought, “I wonder what the Director was thinking when he made this shot”. Well now you can ask that question and hopefully get an answer.

Additionally Distributors can send a notification to their audience about a new release and everyone with their Streaming App will receive it.

Watch on any Device

Watch on Phone and Tablet

Our Apps run on your phone and tablet devices but now they can also be used on your Mac, Windows PC and even your TV. 

Watch on TV and Set-top boxes

Our video player can access the latest in home streaming so you can watch our films on large TV screens using Miracast, Chromecast and Apple TV and Apple AirPlay.

Watch on PC and Mac

Windows 10 enables you to use all the features of our Android App on your PC. Apple’s OSX 14 and the new M1 chip enables you to use all the features of our iOS App on your Mac.

Content Delivery Network

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses established partners to deliver content anywhere in the world.

Our Hardware and Edge Servers are scalable to meet the most demanding peaks in audience numbers and deliver content from each major city in the world to remove bottlenecks.

Our technology enables films to be streamed over various networks including your home WiFi so you can watch films on your TV.