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The Glia App lets our audience watch the whole feature film Glia for free. They can then play the quiz and if they win, they can watch an alternative ending to the film also for free. If they loose the quiz they can pay just $1.00 to watch the alternative ending using in-app-purchasing. Our App also includes the following features for free; details of the actors, photos from the shoot, production blue prints, character studies, the film trailer and social media share.

Log Line – Young scientist discovers a drug that will change the world, but is the world ready for change?


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ADRIAN PAUL – DC Comics Arrow (TV Series), Nine Miles Down, The Highlander (TV Series), The Heavy

FADY ELSAYED – My Brother The Devil, Brotherhood, Class (TV Series), Sixteen, Silent Witness (TV Series)

ARNAS FEDARAVICIUS – Deadly Code, The Last Kingdom (TV Series), Access All Areas

BOBBY LOCKWOOD – Dunkirk, Wolfblood (TV Series), House of Anubis (TV Series)

VANESSA GRASSE – Leatherface, It Came from the Desert, Astral, Roboshark (TV Movie)

ELINOR CRAWLEY – Vikings (TV Series), Submarine, Ordinary Lies, The White Queen (TV Mini-Series)

STEVE O’HALLORAN – MindFlesh, London Voodoo, EastEnders (TV Series)

CLARE HUMPHREY – Drunken Love, Top Girls, Dancing at Lughnasa

LASHARNE ANDERSON – Jacob’s Blessing, Exile Incessant, Bloom

MARK BRENT – Pals for life, Scarlet Says, Dusk


Alex, a young BioTech scientist, discovers his new employer has major staff shortages and is on the verge of bankruptcy. After an encouraging talk with the CEO he decides to create a new drug. He secretly uses his employer’s laboratory to create a smart drug and confides to his girlfriend Beth that he can only manufacture one single tablet. He contacts his wealthy friend Satish who gets excited by the possibility of making some easy money. Satish funds employs a friendly engineer called Gunther to build a drug manufacturing plant powered by industrial robots. Alex continues to work on the drug and names it Glia.

Pushed for time, he decides to ignore all safety procedures and takes the drug himself and within hours it has vastly increased his intelligence. Alex tells Satish to ramp up production as the drug is a success and they celebrate that evening but on the way home Alex collapses in front of Beth and all his friends. Alex recovers the next day and admits to Satish that Glia can pass through skin and he believes they are infected.

Frightened by Alex’s collapse Beth tells the authorities and a special task force led by Clive Leyton starts an investigation. Clive accompanied by armed forces find the drug factory and confront Alex. Our drug induced scientists hit back with everything they have including the ultimate sacrifice. A train of events is put into motion that cannot be stopped and there is a final twist.