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A family fantasy from Bert I. Gordon . The Magic Sword is known as St. George and the Dragon, St. George and the Seven Curses and The Seven Curses of Lodac. It is a 1962 fantasy film, largely aimed at children, that is loosely based on the English medieval legend of Saint George and the Dragon. It stars include Basil Rathbone.

The Magic Sword

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George, the son of the sorceress Sybil, has been watching the beautiful Princess Helene from afar and is very much in love with her. When she is kidnapped by the evil wizard Lodac, the king her father announces that she will be given in marriage to whoever rescues her. The first to volunteer is Sir Branton who expects to undertake the task alone. George, over his mother’s objections, also decides to save her and is accompanied by six ancient knights. The journey is perilous with Lodac placing a series of challenges before them. Many in the group do not survive but George must eventually face Lodac’s greatest challenge – his dragon.