Start a Crowdfund

How it works

1. You upload details of your film and use our Crowdfunding feature to help you raise the money to make your App

2. Select Login and then Sign Up. Make sure you complete your Profile.

3. Then select the Film Dashboard button in the main menu and select the Add Film Details button. It is Free to Register and Add Film Details.

4. Then add some details about your film including a link to the Trailer.

5. We will then contact you to answer any questions and to approve your Crowdfunding.

6. You should encourage investors to visit your Campaign Page and contribute to your Film App costs.

7. You can track your progress with our Film Dashboard which will show the details of your Backers and the amount they paid.

Crowdfunding Dashboard

8. Once your Backers have donated enough money to make your Apps your campaign will end and we will contact you to arrange an online meeting to begin Designing your Film App.

9. When we have completed the Design of your Film App we will arrange an online meeting to Finalise Designs and your Apps will then be created.

10. We will send you a video of your Apps being used on both iOS and Android phones.

11. Your Apps will then be uploaded to the Apple and Google App stores for approval.

12. You can then decide to release your Apps immediately or on a specific date.