Working with Distributors


  1. We work with Distributors to make an App that’s targeted to their audience. 
  2. We advise on what images, video and file formats work well on mobile screens. 
  3. We help you co-ordinate your film files and their metadata so it can be easily uploaded to our servers.
  4. We deliver you designs of what your final App will look like before we start making it. 
  5. We deliver you a video of your Apps working on both iOS and Android phones when it’s completed.
  6. We work with you to set an App release date so it’s co-ordinated with your marketing plans.
  7. We provide you with Monthly Sales Reports and Analytics which are direct extracts from the Apple App Store Console and the Google Playstore Financial Console.
  8. We pay monthly by direct money wire into your bank account.

Territorial Rights Management

Every Distributor has different Territorial Agreements for each film in their catalogue.

Our Cloud based Database understands these complex Territorial Agreements. We provide Distributors with their own interface to our Database that includes the following features;

  • Add and remove content to their Streaming App
  • Add all associated meta data such as synopsis, Director, Actors, Runtime…
  • Set Territory
  • Set Territorial Pricing

Design and User Experience

Once you have made your initial payment for your App, we design it using User Experience Design techniques and by following the Apple and Google Design Standards.


We use a software package called Figma to design and demonstrate how your software will work. It enables us to create designs we can share with you online before we start to build your App. Our designs follow the Apple Human Interface Design documentation and the Google Material Design documentation. These make your Apps attractive and feel safe to use because they look and work like Apps made by Apple and Google. There are many variations so our Apps never look the same.

User Experience (UX)

Following these standards ensures your Apps “look and feel” like Apple and Google Apps. Your audience will recognise how your App works because it works like other Apps in the App Stores that follow the same standard. This familiarity encourages usage.

We demonstrate the User Experience with User Journey flows to you before we make your App. These demonstrations will show you the paths a user can take within your App and how we try to encourage them to Subscribe or Purchase a film.

When the designs are complete we publish them onto a secure location so you can login and view them. It gives you an opportunity to discuss any improvements or issues you might have.

You can use our design environment to leave online comments and questions adjacent to the design.


Once designs are approved, a video of your App working on a phone is created and shared with you.

The Apps are then built with Apple Xcode and Android Studio and uploaded to the App Store.

You can set a release date for your App and then they are made available to an audience of 5 Billion.


Once you have paid for your Film App we provide you with a contract and a delivery plan. 

You will need to supply some digital assets such film synopsis, cast details, background images and photographs that you want to show in your App.

We then build a prototype of your App and demonstrate it to you.

Once approved we upload the new App into the Apple and Google App stores.

From paying for your App it can take as little as 38 days for it to be released.