FilmsOnPhone has set out to radically change the way audiences engage with film and TV. We believe there are many synergies between the Film, Games, Comic and Mobile Phone industries.

We believe the mobile phone will become the de-facto hub for your personal and 3rd party content and that it will replace the set-top box and games console over the coming years.

Mobile Opportunity

Mobile phones enable audiences and content creators to interact directly and we believe this connection will ripple through the content creation industry and change it forever.

The Team

Our Team is made up of iOS and Android, React, SQL, API, AI and ML programmers who enjoy and sometimes make films. We specialise in User Experience led Rapid Prototyping and the Delivery of large complex projects.

We believe in Privacy

We are a firm believer in privacy and to that end we do not hold any of your personal details. Anything on our servers is anonymised. Your personal settings stay in your phone, not on our servers.

No Ad Policy

We do not like adverts before or in the middle of a film. It breaks the audience immersion so there are no adverts on our network.

Privacy Policy
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