Directors Get Paid

Anyone can download our App and watch films for free without any registration. The App has Free Coins that can be given as Tips to any Film. When the free coins are used, more coins can be purchased.

At the end of each quarterly period the Tips a Film has been given are converted into US $ Dollars. Most of our films are owned by the Director and we pay them directly but some are owned by Producers or Film Production Companies (Film Rights Owners) and in those cases we pay these companies.

To get paid you will need a Film ID which we give to you once your film has been uploaded onto the FilmsOnPhone App.

You need to have outstanding more than $50 US worth of coins for FilmsOnPhone to transfer money into your bank account.

We pay Directors and Film Rights Owners quarterly and the first quarter will be Dec 31st 2023.

You will not be able to Login before 1st January 2024.

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