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Both the iOS and Android FilmsOnPhone Apps are now available FREE and you can watch all the Films FREE.

Download the App now and start watching films and voting.

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Yes you can watch our films Free and there are No Adverts.

Search for a film, select it and press the play button.

Rotate your phone and the film will play in full screen.

Use AirPlay or Miracast to watch the film on your Laptop, PC or on your TV.

Find a film, watch it and then use some of your coins to give the Director a tip.

Simply select that amount you want to give and select the Give Tip button.

If you use all your Free coins, then please be generous and buy some more.

Directors can convert the coins you give them into $US to make more films.

Find a film, watch it and then award it stars. You can decide if you liked the Direction, Music, Editing...

Your vote is important as it helps the Director Win!

It also helps the Director and Producer understand what their audience like or dislike about their film.

If you have a question; you can send the Director a comment.

After you have watched a film, you will be asked to adjust its Emotional settings. As more of our audience adjust the Emotional settings the films Emotions become more accurate.
Search by Emotion enables you to find films based on their emotional content.
As an example, you can find a film that has emotions that "inspire", "scare" and also "amuse".
You can still use traditional genres such as Sci-Fi, Drama, Comedy...
Overtime Emotional ML will get to know if your personal Emotional Tastes and find films that you like.
We are a firm believer in privacy and to that end we do not hold any of your personal settings or personal details.
We do store the film id number, the film emotional settings, your emotional adjustments but we do not store any identifier for you.
Your personal settings, personal details and emotional settings stay in your phone, not on our servers.
Please Note : If you send any personal details via our messaging system, the message will be rejected.
If you see a problem with a film such as it not playing back properly or a potential copyright issue then let us know immediately by using our contact form.
We will normally respond within 48hrs
Free Coins, Buy Coins, Give Tips
Free App

Download our App for free. There is no registration required. At just 4mb its one of the smallest Apps in the Apple App Store or Google Playstore.

Free Films - No Ads

Watch some of the most popular Independent Films Free and without Adverts. You can watch on your mobile, tablet, laptop or stream them to your TV.

Free Coins

We give you some Free Coins when you download our App. You can use these coins to Give Tips to the films that you love.

Buy Coins

Once you have given away your Free Coins, please be generous and buy some more. Coins are purchased via Apple and Google App Store Purchases so all transactions are secure and immediate.

Help Directors

The Aim of FilmsOnPhone is to generate Directors public exposure and revenue. Directors can convert the Tips you give into US $ Dollars and use that money to make more films.

Voting, Chart & Message Director
Voting & Charts

Once you have watched a film you can Vote for it. The Votes are counted everyday and used to create our Chart. Each 24hrs the Votes for each film are counted to form our Chart.


Each 24hrs the Votes from the previous 48hrs are compared with the last 24hrs. This forms the Trending chart that indicates what is being voted for in the last 48 hrs.


You can select different Genres Drama, Comedy, SciFi...or Look at the Films you have already voted for.

Message the Director

You can send the Director a message. These messages are moderated, so keep them clean and constructive please! Most Directors are busy people so please be patient.

We believe in Privacy

We are a firm believer in privacy and to that end we do not hold any of your personal details. Anything on our servers is anonymised. Your personal settings and emotional settings stay in your phone, not on our servers.

Emotion ML

When you meet someone you like, you can get an opinion about them by asking them what music they like and what films they like. Emotions are engrained into you from birth but will evolve throughout your life.

Emotion Machine Learning

We used an Emotional Classification system created by Professor Robert Plutchik who created the "Wheel of Emotions". We then "Tuned" it into an Emotional Machine Learning model for Films. With your input, we can train this Emotional Model so it becomes representative of the majority of the global audience.

Edit Emotion Settings

Every time you watch a film you should look at its Emotional Settings and think if you agree with them. If you don't you can adjust them and these adjustments help improve our Emotional Film Recommender.

Emotion based Recommendation

Your adjustments are used to create your own Personal Emotional Model that we store inside your phone. You can have films recommended to you based on their emotional settings and your Personal Emotional Preferences.

Please note, Emotion ML is only part of the iOS App. The Android App is being updated to include Emotion ML.

Privacy Policy
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