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Watch hundreds of films with no adverts and get coins for free.

Use your coins to reward Directors with tips. They can exchange coins for real money to make more films.

When your coins run out please be generous and buy some more. Other than hosting and transaction fees, all proceeds will go to the Director or Film Owner.

Rate films with stars and leave a comment for the Director. Giving a film a higher rating will help it climb up our charts and Win our Festival.

Use our Emotion AI to find films based on their emotional content or search for films by name or genre.

FilmsOnPhone mixes short films that have had hundreds of millions of Youtube views with new, Independent short feature films.

Our audience watch these films via our FREE iOS and Android Apps and can vote for a winner.

The film that has the most votes in each category wins the competition.

The winners are shown in a theater in Leicester Square, the heart of the film industry.

Enter your film into our FilmsOnPhone Festival via FilmFreeway

When people watch your film in our App they can vote for it.

You should vote for your own film so you can see the voting process and how emotions are set.

Tell your cast, crew, friends and family to download our App and vote for your film.

Use social media to tell your friends to vote for your film.

Both the iOS and Android FilmsOnPhone Apps are now available FREE and you can watch all the Films FREE.

Download the App now and start watching films and voting.

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See FilmFreeway for details of our current and future festivals.

If your film has substantial views on YouTube or Vimeo you can use our Upload page.
If your film has completed its film festival run, you can enter your film into our Next Festival via FilmFreeway.
The earlier you enter your film, the more time people will have to vote for your film. Once your film is accepted we normally load it into our App within 48hrs.

Our audience can watch your film without any adverts. They can vote for your film and give feedback on your films emotional content.
We provide Directors and Producers with details of the votes cast and the emotional results.
If you are accepted into our Festival you will receive a Selected Laurel and if you win a category you will win an Official Winners Laurel.
Yes anyone in any country can watch the films and vote. Our App is FREE.
Download the App and vote for your own film. Get your friends to download the App and vote for your film and any other film they like.
Place links to the App on Social Media and use the Share Icon in the App to share your film.
Vote for other Director's Films and send them a message.
We have a global network of servers providing film streams to all countries.
FilmsOnPhone Festival

We are pleased to announce our Winners from the FilmsOnPhone Festival 2023 at the Prince Charles Theater, Leicester Square, London.

You can now submit your short film to our next FilmsOnPhone Competition and have your film shown in the heart of London's film industry at our next Festival in Leicester Square.

Upload your film now via FilmFreeway to be in the next FilmsOnPhone Festival.

App Based Festival
In App Voting

FilmsOnPhone presents a new type of film festival where the films can be viewed on the both the big screen and also on the FilmsOnPhone Festival App. The audience can use their mobile phone to view a film, vote for a film and see a live chart of who is winning.

All entries will be added to the FilmsOnPhone App for FREE. The App enables people to vote for your film and displays its position in the Film Charts. You can share the App with your friends so they can vote for you and help you win an award. You can also vote for other films that you think should win an award.

Live Chart

A live chart shows the current position of each film in each category so you can monitor your films progress and how many votes you need to win. Each category has its own chart and to win the Laurel you need to be at the top of that chart at the end of the festival. The trending charts also shows if a film is a fast riser or a fast faller.

Selecting Our Winners

Anyone with the App installed can watch any film and vote.

Anyone with the App installed can invite their friends to get the App, watch any film and vote.

The FilmsOnPhone Festival is built on the belief that the best way to improve your filmmaking is to get your peers and the general public to give you feedback.

All entries will be added to the FilmsOnPhone App for FREE. The App enables people to vote for your film and displays its position in the Film Charts. You can share the App with your friends so they can vote for you and help you win an award. You can also vote for other films that you think should win an award.

Cast and Crew Categories

When you vote for a film’s Cast and Crew by giving them stars, we use these votes to award the following; Best Female Director
Best Male Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Editor
Best Cinematographer
Best Writer
Best Production Designer

Film Categories

The total number of stars awarded to a film is used to award the following film categories; Best Film
Best Drama Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Sci-Fi Film
Best Horror Film
Best LGBTQ+ Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Animated Film
Best Documentary
Best Experimental Film
Best Student Film

Rules & Terms

1. In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
2. The Festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.
3. All genres are accepted with a maximum length of 45 minutes or less (exceptions are made).
4. Multiple entries are accepted.
5. Entry fees are non refundable.
6. You may submit to as many categories as you would like.
7. ALL entries will be viewable in the FilmsOnPhone App.
8. You may be asked for a copy of your film so it can be shown within the App.
9. Judges, entrants and the general public can download the FilmsOnPhone App, watch any film and vote for any film.
10. All winners and runners up will remain viewable in the FilmsOnPhone App after the Festival closes.
11. By submitting your film, you authorize FilmsOnPhone to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis and movie stills in our social media.
12. Any Foreign film that is not in English must have English subtitles.
13. The FilmsOnPhone festival will not be responsible for damaged or corrupt copies.
14. The FilmsOnPhone Festival can disqualify a film if it believes the content inappropriate.

Live Event -14th August 2022

We have hired the Prince Charles Theater in London’s Leicester Square to showcase the winners in the heart of Londons Film Industry.

The Prince Charles Cinema is a repertory cinema located in Leicester Place, 50 yards north of Leicester Square in the West End of London. It shows a rotating programme of cult, arthouse, and classic films alongside recent Hollywood releases – typically more than ten different films a week on two screens.

The FilmsOnPhone Festival will be in the larger 300 seat screen.


Constructed between 1961 and 1962, the building was built by Richard Costain Limited for Alfred Esdaile and designed by Carl Fisher and Associates. The building originally functioned as a theatre with a distinctive 'satellite dish' curve to the floor of the stalls, meaning that audience members are sat at an upwards angle as they face the stage. After a short period supporting the dramatic arts, the venue was reinvented as a porn cinema. During this period it hosted the UK's longest continuous run of Emmanuelle, as well as Caligula (1979).

During the UK launch of Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004), Uma Thurman recorded a special video introduction for a double bill of both movies being held at the cinema. In it she welcomed the audience to "Quentin's favourite UK cinema." Quentin Tarantino has said, "The Prince Charles Cinema is everything an independent movie theatre should be. For lovers of quality films, this is Mecca." and "The day Kill Bill plays the Prince Charles is the day Kill Bill truly comes home."He further described it as London's "queen's jewel" of a grindhouse saying "I was so honoured when Reservoir Dogs hit so big there that they started playing it at midnight and all the lads would show up in the black suits with little squirt guns".

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