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Our Film Content

Our Free App includes short films (less than 45mins) from festival sites like FilmFreeway. The App also includes completed Independent films which collectively account for over 200 Million internet views. You can watch films free and vote for them.

Emotion ML

Our App also contains an Emotion Engine that ranks your film based on its emotions. The Emotion Engine is powered by audience feedback and uses Apple’s Core ML Machine Learning. As a film receives more feedback its default emotion settings will change over time. The Emotion Engine is used to Recommend Films based on their emotional content. We are working on Google’s Machine Learning called “Tensor Flow” which will be included in an Android update soon.

Message the Director

You can message the Director and ask qusetions about how the film was made and what the film means to them.

No Ad Policy

We do not like adverts before or in the middle of a film. It breaks the audience immersion so there are no adverts in our Apps.

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